What are Twitch Rivals?

What are Twitch Rivals

History and the Background 

Twitch rival is an online sports tournament between online twitch users providing a platform to showcase their gaming skills by competing with the players online throughout the world. Twitch application has created a competition series is named twitch rivals for its fan to have a unique streaming journey. The first twitch rival event was hosted in the year 2018 on the 28th of February. The event features various competitive online tournaments played among various professional and celebrity players as well. Almost 38 events were held with 800 twitch affiliated partners. Games like Fortnite, Team fight tactics, Call of duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, Apex legends and so on were played during the tournament. It is a great step towards testing players’ gaming ability by competing against others in their choice of game. It is also a strategy to gather all twitch users at one platform with an entirely new concept.


How to Participate in a Twitch Rival Tournament?

It is basically a kind of sports tournament which is held once a year. In which many famous streamers head-on against each other in various matches in order to win the Huge prize pool.

Twitch Partners and affiliates can join the rival tournament and in case someone does not fall under these categories then they simply have to register themselves on and then they are also accessible to be a part of the amazing streamer head on live battle.


How to Qualify for Playing in the Twitch Rivals?

The first and foremost thing for participating in the Twitch rival tournament is that one should have attained the minimum age of 18 years.

For playing in the twitch rival tournament the streamers have to simply play in the war zone royale battle mode for 2 weeks which is basically called the qualifier period. In which streamers must have to broadcast the modern warfare at least for 10 hours on the Twitch application and have to achieve a total of 20 wins in a battle royale. Earning up to 500 total kills in the battle royale is very much essential for getting qualified.

After completion of all the steps approx or 30 players who are qualified will be picked up for competing with invited partners and then have the facility to select their teammate as well. The participation is entirely invitation-based.


What Kind of Games is being Played in the Twitch Rival Tournament?

The tournament offers all types of online video games to be streamed and played online with various competitors.

Out of which here is a list of the few most prominent games which has been continuously played by various Gamers in the Rival tournament.

  1. League of Legends- It is an evergreen popular game among all the gamers and is also included in the top-rated game list of twitch Rivals tournaments.
  2. Among us- We all are well aware of the increasing popularity and obsession among the present generation regarding the game Among Us. It falls under the category of most-watched twitch rivals game since the tournament has been hosted for the first time.
  3. Shooters- The tournament can’t be finished without the shooting and target establishing games. Games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PlayerUnknown Battleground, has been included in the featured list.


What is the Price Money for Winning the Twitch Rival Tournament?

The prize money is quite handsome and that is the reason why a lot of streamers want to participate in this tournament also it creates a sense of enthusiasm in them to keep them motivated to give their best and win the tournament.

The prize money pool has been divided into two subcategories.

The first one is $330k for the team winning and $100k for the solo winning event. The Prize money may get shrinked after dividing among multiple players in the team.


What if the Match has been Tied among Two Players?

In case there is a tie between the players then there are tie-breaker rounds that are held before the semifinals. After that, they’ll find the list of chosen finalists. Sometimes even after the tire breaker round the head on issue is unable to resolve in that case the team having low total victory has been picked aside.


What is the Apex Legend Showdown?

It is an online invitation-based competition which is part of twitch rival featuring approx 60 streamers from North America by creating customized lobby for nearly six rounds of gameplay which are broadcast live on twitch TV or the official website of twitch rivals, also the participants can stream the same through their own channel as well.

The player with the maximum number of kills has the most probability of winning the gameplay. The tournament includes the elimination of the weak players and forwarding the professional ones with high-level gaming abilities.


How to Get Accessible to Twitch Rivals?

The tournament is directly broadcast on the official twitch channel so the viewers can visit their application or can even visit the official website for getting updated on necessary announcements regarding the upcoming tournament. The users are provided with an entire schedule of the events going to take place and the list of streamers participating in the gameplay.

So, if you are highly fascinated by video games, this is the most suitable platform for you which will help you in enhancing your skills by learning from various streams throughout the world. It is a great successive step towards growing your gaming skills and establishing a future in it.


Final Words

Twitch rivals offer it to the users with the head-on competition with a wide variety of games. It is an ideal destination for streamers to have a live competitive experience. This exercise creates a great elevation in the engagement of the audience with online gaming and streaming. The tournament is not just limited to playing various video games but the streamers can also participate in various challenges offered by the application to increase users’ engagement and grab their interest.

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