How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch iOS?

How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch iOS

If you have a great fascination with video games and live streaming then the Twitch app is the one-stop solution for all kinds of entertainment needs. It is one of the most prominent applications used by various Gamers and gaming freak people for getting access to various online live gaming sessions. The centre focus of this application is to create high-level engagement and close bonds between Gamers and their audience.

For IOS users going live is quite easy by just pushing the live button which will enable you to stream your content from your iPhone’s camera. IOS users simply have to give access to the control centre and hold the screen recording button and then simply have to tap on the start recording icon for the stream to begin. You can also get help from different applications for streaming live games.


How Does the Twitch App Work?

Whenever you watch any live broadcast a split-screen display will allow you to see the screen monitor and makes you able to hear and play through a smaller window on the edge of the broadcaster stream. The audience is also allowed to comment on the live streaming session and can ask and can even provide their suggestion during the live session only. In case you’ve ever missed out on any of your favorite streaming sessions then twitch will save that particular gameplay for you to watch so that you could not miss any of the live sessions of your favorite broadcasters.

Along with that the application has been designed in a user-friendly manner with any interface making it very much convenient for the users to get access to all the features. You can share various emoticons and stickers while watching any live gameplay video and show love for your broadcaster. It also acts as a social network by allowing its users to chat with each other by the creation of a unique chat room.


How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch iOS?

Before going live to stream any of the mobile games make sure that you have installed Twitch applications successfully on your device. You can get the application very easily through the app store while using the iOS-based operating system. There are many options available for streaming like iPhones, iPad, or IOS. You can even directly stream through your mobile as well.

For getting access to various streaming features you simply have to create an account by providing your credentials and necessary details for establishing a twitch account. Once you have completed setting up your account you can very easily stream any of the games available on your device by sharing the device screen to the audience and can also get more closely engaged with them by the live chat features provided by the Twitch app.


How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch iPhone?

  1. Very firstly launch the twitch application on your iPhone and go to the home page.
  2. Visit the profile icon which is located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. An account menu will be displayed to you and then you have to choose the icon representing’ go live’ which is just near your Twitch username.
  4. Afterwards, you have to select any particular game that you want to stream while going live.
  5. A list mentioning various categories will be represented to you out of which you can choose any game you want to play and then can proceed further.
  6. You can now adjust your stream title name through your stream dashboard and can set up the microphone and device volume as per requirements.
  7. A big purple icon will appear on the screen mentioning ‘Start Broadcast’. Once you have started your live gaming session, your iOS screen recording menu will be shared.


How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch iPad?

  • The first step to do live broadcasting of mobile games on the ch app via iPad is that you should have good and stable internet connectivity.
  • You will find a ‘start streaming button in the lower right corner of the twitch dashboard.
  • You will be asked to grant permission for managing your microphone. you have to make it accessible by tapping on the allow tab.
  • Before going live and interacting with your viewers’ double check your microphone and sound settings.
  • Tap the red record button to begin the stream and must ensure that you have switched apps to the game that you particularly want to stream.
  • After a countdown of a minimum of 3 seconds or more, the screen will be broadcast to your twitch viewers.
  • Once life has begun you can stream any of the mobile video games and your webcam footage and images will be shared with your audience.

Make sure that you have turned off notifications from your privacy policy or either has put your device in do not disturb mode so that any kind of notification will not appear on your screen while streaming. This step is very crucial regarding your privacy concerns as well as for an uninterrupted streaming journey.


Top Mobile Games to be Streamed on Twitch

For being a good streamer, I always prefer to stream different games regularly, keep interactive sessions for increasing engagement with your audience, and work upon their suggestions and queries.

  1. Mine craft
  2. Fortnite
  3. Call of Duty
  4. Rocket League
  5. FIFA 21
  6. Garena Free Fire

and many more.

You can stream as many games as you want on the twitch app. You just simply have to make sure that particular game has been successfully downloaded and working on your device with no glitches.


Final Words

Twitch app is one of the most used and engaging apps best suited for gamers. With its increasing popularity, it has also expanded its features by providing live shows of various content like music, food, sports, travel, talk shows, and many more. The application is free to download and use. Anyone can get access to various live events and can stream theirs too. Download the twitch app today and have an amazing journey of live streaming sessions and getting more knowledge about the gaming world.

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