What is Twitch Affiliate?

What is Twitch Affiliate

Before understanding what is a twitch affiliate, let us first have a look at what a twitch is? So Twitch is basically an American video live streaming service. Its main focus is on video game live streaming which includes the broadcast of esports competition, music broadcast, creative content, and real life streaming. It was founded in June 2011. 

Now let us know about twitch affiliates. Twitch affiliate is a program provided by twitch to take a step further to ensure that twitch continues to be the best streaming platform in the world for everyone. With the help of the twitch affiliate program now the qualified streamers can come one step closer to their dreams of making a living from their passion. The streamers are known by the name Twitch Affiliates. Twitch affiliates can now start earning on twitch by building their audience base and working towards the coveted status of twitch partners. Now let’s have a look at a few questions that pop up in our minds.


How to Start Earning on Twitch with Subscriptions?

Twitch affiliates can easily start earning by accepting the subscription amount awarded by their viewers. The subscription options available with twitch affiliates are as given below:-

  • $4.99
  • $9.99
  • $24.99
  • Prime free subscription

For every prime subscription, twitch affiliates get an amount of $2.50. Twitch prime subscriptions are not directly purchased. 

Other than the above-stated subscription options, a twitch affiliate gets 1 global subscriber to emote for all subscribers. With this they also get the option of adding 2 more emotes for $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers.


How to Start Earning on Twitch with the Help of Bits?

Let us first understand what a bit is? Bits are basically virtual goods that viewers can buy to Cheer in chat. On launching the account on twitch, twitch affiliates get an option to enable the bits option that can be used to cheer on their channel. With the bits option, viewers get the chance to cheer their twitch affiliates without actually leaving twitch. The streamers in whose channel bits are cheered get a share of the revenue. There are various forms of animated bits available.


How to Start Earning on Twitch with Game Sales?

Twitch affiliates can also make a living by generating revenue by making the sale of games or in-game items on twitch. The offer of purchase is visible on the page or channel of the streamer just below the video which is getting streamed when streamers play any game on stream which is available for sale or has in-game items for sale. A 5% share of the revenue is generated from the purchases that are made from their channel or page. If any viewer makes a purchase of $ 4.99 or more, then they are rewarded with a twitch crate. 


How can one Lose an Affiliate on Twitch?

One can actually lose their affiliate status on twitch for various reasons. The most obvious reasons because of which twitch affiliates lose their affiliate status are given as under:-

  • Leaving the account inactive for a longer duration

With reference to the FAQs provided by a twitch in the content of inactivity commonly known as not streaming. In the FAQs, it is clearly mentioned that an account will be termed as an inactive or substantial activity if there has been no streaming activity held for a period of more than 12 months. Also, there are many other factors by which one can determine if the account is still active or not. These factors are generally considered on a case by case basis.  

  • Breach of terms and conditions of twitch

If one breaks their terms of services one can easily lose their twitch affiliate account. On top of that, they might also lose their twitch account. 

  • Cancellation of the agreement by either party, i.e. by twitch or twitch affiliates.

Section 9 of the twitch affiliate agreement clearly states that either the twitch affiliates or twitch can end the agreement at any time with or without notice. On successfully receiving the written notice, a twitch will start the process to pay out any money that was yours and take money from you that you owe to twitch. 

  • Streaming on another platform concurrently

Streaming on twitch and simultaneously streaming on other platforms at the same time will breach your twitch affiliate agreement. On the grounds of breaking the twitch affiliate agreement, one can easily be removed from the Twitch affiliate program.

  • Other reasons may be mentioned in the agreement.


Can One Re-Apply to be a Twitch Affiliate Again?

Re-application to be a twitch affiliate all over again is possible by following the procedure as mentioned by twitch. One can re-apply to be a twitch affiliate again if the earlier affiliation program was left on a good note. For this one needs to reach out to the twitch team and ask them to take it back in. Also, this might not always work. If one is being removed from the affiliate program earlier, then it becomes a tough nut to crack.  


If one Loses their Twitch Affiliate, will they Lose their Twitch Account too?

Having a twitch account and having a twitch affiliate account are two very different things. With reference to the FAQs provided by twitch, if one gets removed from the twitch affiliate program then also the twitch account remains active. The twitch account only remains active if the affiliate was removed for breach of the twitch affiliate agreement. If there is a breach of terms of services, then both the twitch account and twitch affiliate is lost. 


What are the Requirements for the Affiliate Program?

The requirements to join the twitch affiliate program are given below:-

  • Reach at least 50 followers.
  • Streaming of a minimum of 8 hours or a total of 500 minutes broadcast is a must. 
  • Stream on the 7 different days of the month.
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers is required. Concurrent viewers are the viewers who are constantly watching the live streaming or the live stream being watched at the same time. Concurrent viewers should not be confused with the total number of viewers that one gets on their stream. 

All 4 requirements need to be fulfilled over a period of 30 days to qualify for the twitch affiliate program. If a streamer is under 18 years of age on the date of signing the twitch affiliate agreement, then your parent or guardian will have to agree on the terms of the Twitch affiliate program. 

Once all the 4 necessary requirements are met, twitch reaches out to the twitch streamers within a few weeks to invite you to join them twitch affiliate program. It is not mandatory to join a twitch affiliate program, but if one joins the twitch affiliate program they get a lot of benefits which acts as a cherry on the cake. If one becomes a twitch affiliate then they can have viewers subscribe to their channel, collect bits, have custom emotes for the page or channel and use channel points to use among other things. 


How Much Money can be Earned on Twitch?

Making money on twitch will depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the number of twitch subscribers you are currently having, various monetization options availed by the Twitch streamer, the regularity in the content being produced, the number of views on the content, and many more in the list. Many twitch streamers have stated their income to be between $3,000 and $5,000 on a monthly basis. Pinpointing the exact earning of twitch streamers is a tough nut to crack as there is no source available that mentions the average earning of twitch streamers. 


How do Twitch Affiliates Get Paid on Twitch?

The payment on twitch is made to twitch affiliates once they reach the pre-tax amount of at least $ 100. This $ 100 will include money received from the subscribers along with the various monetization methods availed. The money received from the sale of merchandise or donations that are received from third parties will not be included in the payment of the amount before tax which is $100 or more. If a minimum of $100 is not reached yet, then twitch will carry forward the money to the forthcoming month. Once the amount before tax is $100 or more, a twitch will pay the amount 15 days after the end of that month. The amount is received within 3 to 5 days in the account to get reflected.


How Much Time Does it Take to be a Twitch Affiliate?

For most of the twitch streamers out there, it takes around 1 to 2 months of consistent streaming to become a twitch affiliate. One can even become a twitch affiliate before the mentioned duration as soon as they fulfil all the necessary requirements required to become a twitch affiliate.

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