How To Get The 1st Badge On Twitch?

Twitch provides a video streaming platform for people who love games. With the help of Twitch, people can interact in so many ways, as they can live stream their matches and provide their commentary on the matches. It was launched in 2011 and became one of the largest live-streaming platforms during the pandemic. During the pandemic, people were looking for ways to connect and entertain themselves while staying in their homes; hence Twitch came into the scenario. As people can play games, live stream their games, interact with other people, and join their favorite streamers in their streams in the chat box. While the twitch app is free and the streams are also free but still if you like, you can earn money through the app in so many ways.


Getting the first Twitch Badge

The 1st badge on the twitch platform is also known as the founder’s badge, which is only given to specific twitch subscribers whic complete its requirement. The users who receive these badges can display them along with the username with other twitch prime badges. This badge is not given to just anyone. It is considered to be a very exclusive badge. This badge certifies that its receiver was one of the ten people to support a content creator who was there for the creator at the beginning of their career on the twitch platform.

The twitch 1st badge is only for specific channels only, such as the channels which are Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partner Channels. This twitch badge replaces the normal subscriber badge and is only available for the first few people who subscribe to the channel. Only the first ten subscribers of a Twitch Affiliate channel and only the first twenty-five subscribers of the Twitch Partner Channel. The badge is also only visible when they are on that particular channel. So we can say this badge can only be earned by genuinely supporting a content creator, and it is something one can request. And if the user loses their badge in subscribing to the channel, it will return as soon as they subscribe to the channel again.

When a creator’s channel is selected for the Twitch Affiliates or Twitch Partners channel, then their subscribers who are still active on twitch are notified. And when a creator upgrades from the Twitch Affiliate to the Twitch Partner program, the first twenty-five subscribers are automatically notified. The users who have deleted their accounts are not eligible for these badges. The users who have received a site-wide suspension from twitch are also not eligible for the badge. The users who continue their subscription are only gifted with the badge otherwise, the next person in the queue will be gifted with the badge.

Well, the badge is automatically displayed on the channel and even if you have the badge, but it’s still not displaying on the channel, then make sure you are actively using twitch. If someone wants to remove the display of the badge from their channel, then they can also do it by going into the setting and then hovering towards the security and privacy section in their profile and then scrolling, and simply selecting the ‘Hide Founders Badge’ option and by flipping the switch, the changes will be made. You can also undo this setting by following the same procedure.

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