How To Connect Streamlabs To Twitch On Xbox?

What is Xbox?

Microsoft founded the platform and owned the video game brand Xbox. The company’s portfolio of products includes:

  • Five gaming consoles.
  • Software (games).
  • Streaming services.
  • An internet service called Xbox Network.
  • A division called Xbox Game Studios handles game creation.

With the release of the original Xbox console in November 2001, Founders first promoted the brand in the US. After the Atari Jaguar’s sales ceased in 1996, the original system was the first video game console made available by an American corporation. By May 2006, it had sold over 24 million units.

The Xbox 360, Microsoft’s dual system, was introduced in 2005 and, as of October 2021, had 86 million units sold. The Xbox One, the third system, was introduced in November 2013 and has racked up 51 million sales. The Xbox Series X and Series S, the fourth generation of Xbox consoles, were introduced in November 2020. Phil Spencer, who took over as Xbox’s CEO in late March 2014, succeeded Marc Whitten. The Xbox Dashboard has served as the primary user interface for all four versions of Xbox, allowing users to play media, manage games stored on the device, and access system settings. Since 2002, the Xbox Live Marketplace and online functions have been integrated into the Dashboard.

Connect On Xbox Streamlabs To Twitch

Connect Streamlabs to Twitch on Xbox

All about Streamlabs

A software startup based in California, United States of America, named Streamlabs (formerly TwitchAlerts), was established in 2014. The company mainly sells software for live streaming. Logitech purchased Streamlabs in 2019. Based on a fork of OBS, Streamlabs Desktop (formerly Streamlabs OBS) uses Electron for its user interface. It is free and open-source streaming software. Content from Streamlabs’ users is broadcast on Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. A free tool called Streamlabs Charity helps charities interact with broadcasters and raise money.

Streamlabs announced “Streamlabs Studio” on November 16, 2021, a cloud capture programme for the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X. Following the release, the streaming service Lightstream charged Streamlabs with copying every word and design of their marketing collateral, likening it to copied homework. The OBS Studio team said through Twitter that Streamlabs utilized the term “OBS” for their goods, creating the impression that they were partnered with them, despite OBS Studio having already refused Streamlabs’ request for permission to use it. Twitch streamers Pokimane and Hasan Piker threatened to boycott OBS Studio’s product in response to their tweet, which called for adjustments. The site does not keep any portion of payments, excluding customary processing costs, ensuring that all proceeds go to charity.

Streamlabs Studios with Twitch on Xbox 

Streamlabs Studio recently supports Twitch broadcasts via Xbox One XS and Xbox Series XS. You need to plan to use Streamlabs Studio. Programs begin at $4.99 per month and include limitless streaming. Visit Streamlabs Studio for additional information on the various plan options or assistance for your current plan.


How to use Streamlabs Studios? 

Follow these steps to use Streamlabs Studios-: 

  • Visit and use TwitchTwitch to sign in to Streamlabs Studio on a computer or mobile device.
  • Add overlays, notifications, multiple scenes, and other customizations to your stream.
  • Log in to the Twitch Xbox app, click the Broadcast tab, and in the Destination area, choose Streamlabs Studio.
  • Go live! Before the stream is broadcast on TwitchTwitch, your overlays, alarms, and other customizations will be overlaid in Streamlabs Studio, where your stream output will be automatically directed.
  • Visit on your mobile device to use it as a remote control to quickly switch scenes while streaming.


Connect Streamlabs to Twitch on Xbox 

Below are the steps to go live via using Xbox-:

  • Install the Twitch app by going to the Xbox store.
  • On your Xbox, launch the Twitch app. Now tap on the login.
  • To link your Twitch account to your Xbox Live Gamertag, go to on your PC or mobile device and input the 6-digit number displayed on your Xbox app.
  • Now follow this-: Settings- Account – Privacy and Online Safety -Xbox Live Privacy -View Details and Customize -Online status & history -Others can see if you are online, and then select Everybody. Everyone can view your broadcast thanks to this.
  • Settings -Account -Privacy and Online Safety -Xbox Live Privacy – View Details and Customize -Game Content -You can broadcast gameplay, select Allow. After following the steps mentioned earlier, do this on your device.
  • In Settings – Account -Privacy and Online Safety – Xbox Live Privacy – View Details and Customize – Game Content – You can share content made using Kinect or another camera. To broadcast via XBOX, do these things.
  • Ensure your webcam and microphone are turned on so your audience can see and hear you.
  • Give your broadcast a title, then click Start Broadcast! As soon as you start broadcasting a game, the title of your game will be modified automatically.

To enable Xbox creators to add overlays, warnings, various sceneries, and more to their stream without spending money on a streaming machine or capture card, TwitchTwitch has teamed with Streamlabs and Lightstream. These two cloud-based live streaming services are set up through web browsers. It would be best if you acquired a plan from Lightstream to use the Lightstream integration. All Lightstream plans come with free streaming via this integration and start at $8 per month. Visit the website of Lightstream for additional information on the various plan options or support for your current plan.



It’s easier than you would think to stream from an Xbox One. In essence, there are two methods for streaming from the Xbox One. The Twitch software, which you can download immediately to your console, is the first and most straightforward method for streaming from the Xbox One. The second choice utilizes a capture card. This option is a little more challenging because you’ll need to install a capture card and a computer with OBS Studio or another acceptable broadcasting programme. Which choice you choose to employ is entirely up to you. All the steps required to ensure that you are prepared to broadcast on Xbox One have been covered in this post.

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