What Is A Twitch Founder Badge?

The twitch founder badge is a membership badge only given to the channel’s first 25 subscribers. It simply serves as a loyalty badge for your favorite streamer and has a large number one. Ten Founders Badges will be made available to affiliate channels, and 15 more will be made available after the channel reaches partner status. The first subscribers of associated and affiliate channels received the Twitch Founders Badge, which was added in 2019 retrospectively. Being one of the first ten subscribers to a channel is all that this badge, like most others on the network, indeed does.


Ways to obtain the Twitch Founders Badge

First subscribers to Twitch affiliate and partner channels are only eligible for Twitch Founders Badges. For the first users to ever subscribe to these channels, the Founders Badge takes the place of the regular subscriber badge. The Founders Badge is given to the first ten subscribers of affiliate channels and the first 25 partnered channels. Founders Badges are only available to these channels for the first 10 or 25 members. The first users to claim a badge effectively “own” it; nevertheless, for the badge to be shown. Badges do not roll over to other users.

For instance, the Founders Badge will be available to the first subscriber to an affiliate channel. If they don’t renew their subscription, the badge won’t show up and won’t be given to someone else. The Founders Badge will return if the original owner of it chooses to renew its membership at a later date.

Get Twitch Founder Badge

Twitch Founder Badge

How to turn off the Founders Badge on Twitch?

Users can display the regular subscription badge rather than the Founders Badge. Although it is doable, Twitch’s UI makes it difficult to find. Here’s how to get the traditional subscription badge back:

  • Visit the settings page.
  • Go to the “Security and Privacy” section by clicking.
  • To the “Hide Founders Badge” section, scroll down.
  • To turn off the Founders Badge, flip a switch.

Subscribers will rather receive the typical subscription badge for a channel once the Founders Badge has been removed. The Founders Badge can be turned on again at any moment by users.


Do Twitch Founder Badges have the ability to be changed or removed?

Actually, no. Limited under badges are given to anyone who donates money to your channel. These badges cannot be removed as a result. On the other side, the badge will disappear if one of your founders chooses to let his subscription lapse. It will nevertheless continue to show up in your dashboard. And at this point, you can only change it if the user decides to stop subscribing.


How can you alter your Twitch channel’s founders?

Just head to your dashboard to get started. Click View your subscriber data in Channel Stats. Following that, manage your founders. You can choose the channel’s founders by removing those who are no longer subscribers. You will then have the option of keeping only those who are still subscribers or not.

In addition, you can change the other kinds of roles.  Changing the badge holders’ duties, such as editor, moderator, or VIP, is possible. The most crucial role on your channel is played by moderators, so that you know. Your most devoted subscribers deserve an honored title, so offer them the VIP designation. If you wish to give these roles a quick update:

  • Click Role Manager after going to Community.
  • Type VIP username to add a VIP member.
  • Type the mod name to add a mod.
  • Tap on un Vip username or cancel the username adjustment if you decide you want to cancel.


How can I give out founder badges?

How you give a Founder Badge is the only factor that matters. As a result, you cannot award the founder badge to a user or subscription independently. Even if a subscriber leaves your channel, he will still retain his position and badge. The founder badge can, however, be hidden in your preferences. However, you cannot erase it because Twitch is responsible for handing out the badges. The owner of the Twitch channel does not influence the latter.

A Founder Badge lets you track viewers who have supported you from the beginning of your streaming career. Therefore, it serves as a type of appreciation for this subscriber’s invaluable assistance. You may provide loyalty or subscription badges as a thank-you to other subscribers.

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