How Much Do Small Twitch Streamers Make?

Twitch provides a video streaming platform for people who love games. With the help of twitch, people can interact in so many ways, as they can live stream their matches and provide their commentary on the matches. It was launched in 2011 and became one of the largest live-streaming platforms during the pandemic. During the pandemic, people were looking for ways to connect with each other and entertain themselves while staying in their homes; hence twitch came into the scenario. As people can play games, live stream their games, interact with other people, and join their favorite streamers in their streams in the chat box. While the twitch app is free and the streams are also free but still if you like, you can earn money through the app in so many ways.

So let’s look at some of the ways we can make money from twitch:

  1. It all comes to the audience you have accessible on twitch. If you have a loyal following, there are several ways you can make money from it.
  2. Content is king. If you have popular content that speaks for itself, you can catch the eye of the audience.
  3. Marketing your content in the right way can do wonders for itself.
  4. Build connections and use the power of networking.
  5. If you have a loyal audience, you can also make money by providing a โ€˜donateโ€™ button on your channel.
  6. You can also make money from creating content for specific brands to promote their products.
  7. You can create products like t-shirts, cups, etc., and sell them as merchandise to your loyal base.

So after looking at how we can make money from twitch, let’s look at how much money small twitch streamers make.


How much do small Twitch streamers earn?

Not everyone is made up for a 9-5; some people have other interests. Sometimes people like to try turning their hobby into a profession. The starting can be small, but one can achieve anything with consistency. In twitch, around 70% of people make no money. Leaving the other 30%, and also, if you are a small streamer, you can earn around $50 to $1500 per month, which mainly varies with your channel engagement, viewing hours, and followers.

In some cases, one twitch streamer with 15 viewers can make more money than a twitch streamer with 30 viewers. The twitch viewers with 1000 views can be expected to make around $2500 per month, including the charges from twitch. Every twitch user can make an average of $1 per viewer in a month. Some ads help the user to make money; a user on twitch with a crowd of 100 people can make around $250 just from ads. Subscriptions are also a great way to generate revenue, as many people provide different subscriptions on their channels, costing around $5 to $25.

How Much Do Small Twitch Streamers Make?

Small Twitch Streamers Income

There are also specific criteria that are needed to be followed by the users to earn money from twitch. One should join two specific programs to earn money: The Affiliate program and The Twitch Partner Program. One should join the Affiliate Program to qualify for The Twitch Partner Program.

So to be eligible for The Affiliate Program, you must have the following:

  1. At least 500 minutes of broadcast in the last month should be there.
  2. The channel should have a minimum of 50 followers.
  3. There should be an average of 3+ concurrent viewers over the last month.
  4. At least a week of broadcast in the last month.

To be eligible for The Twitch Partner Program, you must have the following:

  1. There should be an average of 75 viewers in the last 30 days.
  2. You should have at least 12 unique broadcast days in the last month.
  3. There should be at least 25 hours of broadcast in the last month.

Success does not come overnight; you must work exceptionally hard to achieve massive success. So in the case of twitch, you can not just sit in front of the camera to create videos while playing video games and expect to become successful. It takes more than that to be at the top of the game. Yes, the start can be small; things often do not work out how we expect them, but we must not let such things affect us. To be a successful twitch streamer, you must start small, as every other successful twitch streamer has.

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