How To See Twitch Recap?

Twitch: What is it?

On Twitch, users can stream live videos of themselves doing anything from playing video games to cooking to pretty much anything else that can be seen on camera. The idea for Twitch originated with Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, who in 2007 created a website called Justin. tv that allowed users to stream themselves and engage in live chat with viewers. It was later renamed Twitch Interactive due to a sizable gaming-based audience, and Amazon bought the company for $970 million.

Despite being primarily focused on games, Twitch has expanded over the years into other genres, where you can see people vlogging live, cooking, creating art, playing games, singing, and much more. This feature has made the platform one of the most well-liked online entertainment sources. Even though the streamer spends the majority of their time sitting and having casual conversations with their viewers, the “Just Chatting” section gets the most traffic.

Check your Twitch Recap

See Twitch Recap

Do you want to look for a Twitch recap?

If you wish to reflect on well-spent time on Twitch, you can do this with a monthly recap for your favorite partners and affiliates. All subscribers to randomly chosen partners and affiliates are eligible for this feature.


What does the Twitch recap include?

The progress toward the following sub badge, emote usage, time watched, and other statistics are all included in the monthly recaps. Since there are numerous ways to support a community, no two recaps will ever be precisely the same. Whatever your level of involvement in a community, there is something in your monthly recap for you.


Who Can Access Monthly Recaps?

Monthly recaps will be available to all current Subscribers of eligible creators, including Prime Sub users and gift subscribers. A creator is not currently enrolled in this experience if you don’t see a recap available on a channel or your Subscriptions Management Page.


How to navigate your monthly recap?

Find your recap on the creator’s channel page or the page where you manage your subscriptions. Click on the monthly recap link and use the arrow keys to navigate between pages.


About Your Statistics

Different metrics will be displayed to subscribers in their recap. Viewers will see data on the community’s accomplishments if there is no personalized data for a given category. Subscribers can access data such as the most popular emotes and chats sent by a particular creator and their total number of streams. As we develop new insights or features, statistics may change over time.


The most asked queries:

Does the recap get deleted if a break is taken?

On the first of every month, recaps are updated. If you need to take a break from your subscription, no matter when you come back, a monthly recap will be accessible right away.

If the subscription is cancelled, what happens to the monthly recap?

When you reinstate your subscription, you’ll have access to monthly recaps as long as the channel is still a part of the experiment.

Can I subscribe at any time during the month to receive a recap for that month?

Yes. When you subscribe to an enrolled channel in a month, a monthly recap is available immediately.

Can I receive a gift subscription and be able to access monthly recaps?

Yes!  A recap will be presented for the month.

Can the monthly recap be shared on social media?

This functionality is currently unavailable, but developers are working on it.

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