Is Twitch Only For Gamers?

Twitch For Gamers

This is the most frequent question we get. And it is quite obvious that people will think twitch is only for gamers. Twitch streaming service is mostly used by gamers. This platform has been created mostly for gamers. Especially with this streaming service, so many gamers are able to interact with each other all over the world. In addition to that, this streaming service also lets gamers from all over the world showcase their gameplay. Surely, twitch has been an amazing platform, where gamers can communicate with each other and have different visuals of the game.

But no, the Twitch streaming service is not only for gamers. Twitch has been an amazing platform where non-gamers are also welcome. You can discuss your favorite dramas, series, shows, anime and similar interests with people all over the world. You can find people with similar interests without actually going out. This streaming service helps you and allows you to enjoy interaction with people around the world. Generally, the Twitch streaming service also allows you to socialize with people of similar interests. It does not matter in which part of the world you live in.


How Can I Sign Up on Twitch?

To begin with, there are different ways to sign up for your twitch account. And when you sign up for a twitch account, you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the Twitch streaming service. Signing up means that you are taking responsibility for the company’s terms of services and privacy policy. So, it is important for you to make sure that you do not violate any twitch terms and conditions. Or you will be penalized. But on the plus point, you can interact with different users. Here’s how to sign up for your twitch account.

  • Now, if you want to sign up through Laptop, you need to go to your browser and type
  • After you go on this website you will find an option at the top right part of the page called to sign up.
  • When you select this it will open the signup or login screen. Here you can sign up for a new twitch account. You just need to fill-up the form. This includes choosing a username that is 4 to 25 characters, setting your password, adding your email and date of your birth. Lastly, you need to make sure that you don’t forget to check the box if I am not a robot. And your twitch account is all set for you. 


Can you Sign Up for a Twitch Account Through your Phone?

Yes, you can sign up or log in through your phone too. For signing up through your phone you need to install the twitch mobile application. Once the downloading and the installation is completed on your device you can launch it. When you launch the application, you can see the signup button on your device.

Generally, when you are signing up through mobile you need to sign with your phone number or your email. Usually, we advise you to sign up with your phone number and also add your email address for a backup. You should not forget to verify your email. When you verify your email you allow us;

  • to have an account recovery option if you lose your phone
  • to send notifications to you about the channels you follow

Furthermore, you will see an option of quick fill where you have to fill in your phone number or email address. Now, when you sign up with your phone number, do not forget to enter your country code. After that over you have completed filling in all the details click on the signup option at the bottom. We will then confirm if the phone number or email address you are using is actually yours or not. We will be doing this by sending you a 6 digit time password commonly known as OTP.


How Many Twitch Accounts can you Link with One Email?

It is obvious that sometimes you want to have multiple twitch accounts. So why use different emails when you can have multiple twitch accounts through one single email. Yes, you can create as many accounts as you want using one single email address. The twitch community has not set any limits to the email address. The twitch community allows you to quickly and easily multiple accounts using the same email address of yours. However, if your account is banned under some twitch guidelines, you can not create another account through that same email address. Thus, make sure that you do not break the terms of twitch guidelines.


Can you have Multiple Twitch Accounts on a Single Number?

Yes, similar to email. You can also use your phone number to have multiple accounts. However, unlike email addresses, you can only link five accounts to one single phone number. And if one of your accounts is banned from a particular channel. Then ask if your accounts that are verified with that phone number will also be banned from Twitch. Now, this is important. Mainly because the intention of the Twitch community is only to prevent different people from creating different hate accounts using one single phone number or email address. This will help the streamer to block the user once rather than block him five times repeatedly. 


Is Cursing Allowed on Twitch?

Now, this is a trick question. However, the answer is simple. You can curse on twitch. According to twitch’ terms, conditions and guidelines, you can swear while you are broadcasting. However, there is a condition if you swear a lot. The condition is that you will have to mark your content or videos as mature content. Mostly because there are many twitch users who prefer to stream family-safe content. As they may not like any foul language or they might have children with them. And as the twitch community makes sure that the user is comfortable, they have this condition.

In addition to that, you must make sure that there is not any nudity on your videos too. According to the twitch guidelines, nudity is strictly not allowed in any situation. When you sign up you take responsibility for your channel. So you must make sure that you follow the guidelines of the twitch community.


Do Followers Help your Twitch Account?

Of course yes. There is no doubt that having a large number of followers on your Twitch account will surely give a boost to your channel. Generally, when you have a huge number of followers on your twitch account, you can get a higher number of views on your content. This simply means that it will get your account up in the top search results. Now, when you are the top search engine, your efforts will be visible to most people. This will also help you in attracting more partners.

So, to increase your popularity and to get you upfront your followers play an important role. Having followers also helps you in featuring yourself with other brands. This, make sure that you have a huge number of followers and enjoy all the benefits of it.


Can you Buy Twitch Followers?

Yes, you can buy twitch followers. Usually, having a huge number of followers will undoubtedly help you in boosting the growth of your channel. Surely you can increase followers with your hard work and great content. But in addition to that, buying views is also the best option. The fastest way to increase followers on your twitch channel is to buy followers for your twitch channel. Even according to the twitch terms and conditions you are allowed to buy followers for your twitch channel.

However, it is important for you to buy twitch followers that are real and not fake. Twitch guidelines policies are strictly against buying fake followers for your twitch channel to increase your popularity. Thus, you must avoid buying fake followers for your twitch channel at all costs.


Does Twitch Remove the Bot Account?

Yes, twitch likely removes the bot account. Generally, the twitch community identifies such bot accounts by monitoring the accounts. When there is an increase in fake engagement on the twitch platform the twitch community starts to monitor. From the last several months, the twitch community has identified 7.5 million accounts that have broken the terms and conditions of twitch policies. These twitch hot accounts are removed by the twitch community. In addition to that, they also stated that the users might face a sudden decrease in the number of followers as a lot of accounts have been removed.

Furthermore, the twitch community is also taking the action against view botting and following botting to cut out all the fake engagements on the twitch platform.


Can you Get Banned when you Buy Fake Followers on your Twitch Account?

To begin with, you would remember that when you were signing up you agreed to the terms and conditions of the twitch community. So it is your duty to make sure that you do not cross the rules of the twitch community. And buying fake followers for your twitch account is one of them. You are not allowed to buy fake or bot followers to increase the number of followers on your channel. When you buy third party fake followers, your account will likely be banned.

Now, this temporary suspension likely ranges from 15 to 30 days. And once your suspension time is completed. You can again start using the twitch platform and twitch services. In addition to that, the twitch community has a record of your past violations and suspensions. As a result, make sure you do not over cross any rules against the twitch community. Otherwise, you might face a permanent suspension.

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