How To Get Mod Views On Twitch?

It is a customizable channel mode that includes everything we need to moderate your channel on Twitch. Draggable and resizable widgets let you adjust your mod view to your needs, so you can moderate your streams and chats without losing sight.

To access the mod view, click on the sword icon at the bottom of the chat for each channel you moderate. You can also go to to see a list of all the live channels you are modding and put the appropriate channel name at the end of You can also add to the Direct URL.

When you access Mod View for the first time, you will be presented with a tutorial explaining the primary usage of Mod View and how the different parts work. To view this tutorial again at any time, click the News & Feedback icon at the bottom of the left dock, then click Check Tutorial in the upper right corner of the popup.

Access Mod View on Twitch

Mod Views On Twitch

Moving Widgets 

The widgets in the Mod View can be moved as desired by clicking and dragging the desired widget at the top. The purple outline represents where and how the widget will be placed when released, based on the current cursor position. Click and drag in the space between widgets to resize them.

Add/Remove Widgets

To remove or add a widget, click the pencil in the lower left corner and select Add/Remove Widgets. Click the x in the middle grid or any panel in the left dock to remove it from the mod view. In Add/Remove Widgets mode, the right panel stores all unused widgets. Click and drag them to the central grid or leave the dock to use them again. Click Save when you’re done. Unique mod view layouts are stored locally in the browser. If you use a different browser, you’ll need to reconfigure the mod view, but channels that change to use the same browser will retain their custom layout.

Mod View Widgets 

The Mod View contains several widgets, many of which can be added or removed.

Mod Actions

This widget tracks actions taken by moderators, such as B. User Timeouts, Delete Messages, and Change Chat Modes. Hosts and raids are also displayed here. To filter actions, so they don’t appear here, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the pane, then click the toggle next to the associated alert.

AutoMod Queue

If AutoMod is enabled on the channel, messages that AutoMod is holding for review are displayed here.


The Chat panel displays the channel’s chat, which functions like the channel’s main page. Click on the three vertical dots to see your chat settings. Click any username in a chat to view that person’s information in the Chat Users section of the Channel Tools pane on the right.

Users in Chat

This section at the top of the Channel Tools panel shows all users currently connected to chat. Clicking on a username in this list or chat widget will give you a summary of that user (subscription time/tier (if applicable), tracking time (if applicable), and account creation date) and the channel’s users of his messages. The corresponding logs are displayed. In addition, all mod actions (timeouts, bans) or comments left by moderators are displayed under user information.

Below the chat log is a list of moderation actions that can perform on the user. After verifying the user, click the x in the upper right corner to return to the user list.

Channel Actions

The Channel Actions menu is at the bottom of the Channel Tools panel. Here you can change various chat settings for the channel, such as changing the chat mode and adding/removing new blocked or allowed terms.

Unban Requests

Unban requests from banned chatters are recorded in this widget. You can sort your unban requests using the dropdown menu on the right. If you choose to decline an unban request, the user will not be able to make another request. To ignore this feature or continue to use a third-party unlocking solution, remove the widget by clicking the ‘x’ in the edit mode view.


This widget shows the live time of the current stream, the current number of views, and the status/quality of the broadcast.


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