Do Mods On Twitch Get Paid?

What is Twitch?

The gaming industry has been taken to the next level with premium business models over the last five to ten years. Live streaming and gaming have stepped up to complement gaming and have become in itself one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. Twitch is one of the most well-known streaming sites, which was launched back in 2011. The website allows streamers to film themselves using a webcam and a screen recorder to show people what a streamer is doing live. It features an option for the viewers to support the streamers by subscribing for a small monthly fee or ripping the streamers using credits. Twitch mostly focuses on gaming platforms, but now the platform is evolving, and there are cooking live streams, walking through the city streams, or poker live streams.

Do Mods On Twitch Get Paid?

Twitch Mods Payment

Who is a Twitch Mod?

Twitch moderators can be considered the backbone of twitch because they add a lot to any creator’s stream. The Twitch moderator is a key member of your stream and plays a valuable role. If you have a person as a  twitch mod, that means you have set them to be someone who can help manage the stream chat to ensure that it stays safe, welcoming, and a fun place by performing some actions.  If you make someone a mod in your stream, they have a lot of power. They can remove people from your stream by banning them, and they can time them out the users, enable subscribers only or follow only chat modes, and they can start to manage and end polls and predictions.


Do Twitch Mods Get Paid? If not, why?

Twitch moderators may or may not be paid by the channel for which they are moderating. Active or top moderators of some big channels may be paid by those channels, while other mods may receive other incentives like paid holidays and gifts for birthdays as compensation for the work they provide to the big channels. There is no set monetary policy for twitch moderators. The streamers of a big stream channel may decide to pay a mod, but they are not bound to do so. Twitch doesn’t have any special criteria for the recruitment of mods; instead, twitch users volunteer to be mods to support the channel and help the streamers to have a good and successful stream. As most twitch mods choose to moderate the streamer’s channel voluntarily, Twitch doesn’t have any term for paying a mod. Twitch mods may enjoy a few things, such as merch of the steamer, a free subscription, or any kind of gifts apart from money. In the case of most small streamers, they can’t afford to pay their mods as they are not making huge money on their streams which somewhere makes a valid point for not paying the mods.

Mods on Twitch are not considered an official job, it may seem unfair, but it isn’t, as certain people choose to be mods as a privilege. Being a mod in a huge stream is symbolic recognition within that community, and most people enjoy this advantage.

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