How Much is Twitch Prime?

How Much is Twitch Prime

What is Twitch Prime? and it’s a service where people primarily stream and watch video games so that’s kind of the thing where people like to watch other people buy video games people like to stream. It is kind of like hanging out with friends and that is exactly what twitch is all about.

Recently Twitch and Amazon have teamed up to bring some amazing service called twitch prime. Going over with the basics of the service or can be said some of the perks that you get for signing up option free in-game items every month and also you get a free subscription to a Twitch channel every month and you get some twitches like an exclusive badge and emotes.

So, basically, Twitch prime is offered if you already have Amazon Prime you can link your twitch account and get free games every month. You’ll get characters, vehicles, skins and boosts for games like car stone and additional surprises like a copy of streamline that day at launches and you also get ad-free viewing plus a free channel subscription every 30 days. It provides its users with both Amazon Prime and Prime video memberships experiencing worthwhile gaming and streaming journey.


What are the Major Benefits of Twitch Prime?

  1. Make you accessible to the most unique collection of accessories, characters, outfits, maps, vehicles and many more.
  2. One can use items available in the shop for absolutely free of cost and that will make your gameplay more amazing and attractive than others.
  3. Users are timely updated with the latest upcoming games and their updated version every month from their Twitch prime channel so one is provided with an abundant choice of games to play.
  4. The membership comes with various chat color options which will make your chatting experience more pleasurable. As people with no membership are limited to using fewer features.
  5. A free subscription to the channels of your choice is available.
  6. With prime features Whenever you send a message, your message will be displayed as a crown which generally means a badge that is given to the prime members only.
  7. Emotes like Kappa HD, FontBush will now be unlocked for the prime users and they are accessible to these unlocked premium features from their emotes menu.
  8. Offers are constantly changing every month to provide you with a different variety of skins, loot boxes, downloadable content and all other kinds of bonuses. For keeping you engaged with the upcoming amazing features.
  9. The biggest asset of the membership is that it eliminates all kinds of advertisements and offers you an unlocked ad-free video streaming experience.
  10. Whenever you purchase a membership you are rewarded with a 30-day free trial.


How to Set up Twitch Prime?

  •  Go up to your Amazon account and then log in. Now visit the upper right-hand side of the screen and go to your account right in the first option under your account on the dropdown menu and then go to Prime.
  • you can view benefits and payment settings, click on Prime and the upper right-hand side of the screen and now you can see various options like benefits and perks.
  •  you have to click on the stream icon here you’re going to see Twitch Prime then you’re going to explore twitch prime. Click on that link right there and then you are going to see an option in the upper right-hand corner that says activate twitch prime.
  •   Then it will show it looks like you’re in the US then from here you can select the country or the region. Then go to continue in the correct region. Once you’ve done that it says do you want to link the twitch account. whatever your twitch account name is to the Amazon Prime account and it gives you the name of your Amazon Prime account. Click the Purple Confirm button.
  •  Then the downloading will take a few seconds and now you are Linked with Twitch Prime.  Now you have a Twitch Prime badge that you can claim for free loot and you can also get and use your free channel subscription to your favorite creator and many more additional features.


How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Twitch Prime Membership?

After completing a 30-day free trial you have to pay $12.99 per month. That will make you accessible to all the Amazon Prime features and along with unlocking all streaming features on the Twitch application as well. The cost may also vary as per different subscription plans and one can also go for yearly plans which cost $ 99 approx. The moment you make the payment from that point of time you are accessible to all the premium features.

For the 30-day free trial option, you have to first make a purchase of any subscription pack either monthly or yearly whichever suits you. Then you are automatically offered a 30-day free trial for expanding your exploration journey with these two amazing platforms offering you enormous features.

In case you want to cancel your trial you can visit in your account and from the settings page you have to visit the membership section and from there you can very conveniently end your membership by just confirming it.


How to Cancel Prime Gaming Membership or Free Trial?

Go to Amazon this is the easiest way as soon as you sign into your Amazon account a pop up will show you congratulation you are eligible to use unlocked these exclusive benefits. Now you’re gonna click continue to membership management, just click that and then there is a tab showing hello this is your membership prime free trial and from there you are accessible to an option mentioning end your trial or membership by clicking from that you are very easily able to end the trial and all the exclusive prime membership benefits.

In case the pop-up is not available on your device then you can also visit the upper left-hand corner of your screen and you will find a drop-down menu. From there you can visit your membership settings tab and from there you are accessible to an option stating end your membership features by clicking on that particular option you will be simply able to end up the trial or the membership you have purchased.


How to Subscribe with Twitch Prime on Mobile?

All you need to do on any mobile device is open up a web browser and go to Now you’ll notice when you first typed it in it’s gonna bring you to the mobile site represented by the M. in front of Twitch.TV. If you’re on an iOS device up in the URL bar is a little late and bigger Tap on this and there you will see the request desktop site. If you’re on an Android device go to the top, receive the three dots and go to the desktop site and tick on that. When you do this it’s gonna remove that M. which is essential for getting rid of the mobile site and redirecting you to the browser desktop site. From here just log in to your account like normal. Now that you’re logged in you have all the same capabilities on your mobile device as you would on a desktop device. 

Simply go to your favorite streamer. When you go to that subscribe button underneath that is where you can use your twitch prime subscription through your mobile device.


How to Subscribe to your Favorite Streamer on Twitch using your Amazon Prime Gaming Account?

Very firstly visit and click on hello your account right there and then scroll down to the middle right here under digital content and devices you’re going to twitch settings.

Make sure your account is linked once you have your account linked go over to Twitch make sure you’re signed in and then simply choose your favorite streamer and you just have to hit the subscribe tab. Going down the bottom here you have used prime USB, click that Now you have got a free one-month subscription with prime.


Final Words

Twitch prime is basically an ultimate combination of having a great gaming experience along with access to Amazon Prime video subscriptions. It also offers, users 30 days free subscription with the automatic reminders set, whenever the subscription is about to end, a notification will be automatically sent to your device. The trial will get you to know how things happen on these platforms and will provide you with an addictive experience. By linking up Amazon and Twitch accounts together One can enjoy free gaming and streaming content all through one single platform with versatile features. The ultimate benefit of the membership is that you can stream your favorite content without interruption of any pop-up notification or advertisement in between.

It provides you with one of the most amazing and happening combinations of these two platforms where you will find your leisure time worth spending.

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