Can You Play Music On Twitch?

play music on Twitch

Adding Music to your Twitch Streams

So once you guys are on your browser source, go ahead and go to your search bar and type in streamlabs should be different right there.

Stream out of thought comes chatbot click on it, and it should automatically bring you the page; go ahead and click down right over there.

Now come down, and at the bottom on the left, click on download now to go ahead and store down up then want to you want to go ahead and open.

As usual, sometimes we’ll give you pop up; other times, it won’t. It usually gives a pop of basically yes, or you know it goes ahead and clicks YES.

So just got it said streamlabs chatbot dot setup, and so the next part is you should get a pop up like this to go ahead and click I accept the agreement.

If you want to go ahead and read all through this, you’re already done. It’s not that important to go ahead and click.

Next, you get a warning, and then it should go to your drive user’s owner to have data grooming stream live stream launch chat.

It is recommended like details; usually, people just keep them on just in case you need to find it; click next; this will tell your locations, and additional tasks click and stall go ahead.


Generating the Token and Installation

Then it will be downloaded and installed. We go ahead and click Finish, and at this point, it should already be on here, and it’ll give up another pop-up that says streamlabs chat log.

Go ahead and click yes. So whenever it’s finished downloading and installing, it’ll go ahead and give you the little pop-up, and it should already be up, so it’s just going to be like sports and contact information.

Just go ahead, and ex out of what you want to do is go down to. so you must get around to your connections down in the bottom left it to twitch streamer and then go ahead and type in your username right here and then go ahead and take your token right there and then generate token, or you can create a token

Then hit connections, and then it should already be connected; you can go back, and you can start and exit out of this and now go to song request; you can also already have some songs in the playlist.


Finding the Song

So now, at this point, let’s go to YouTube, type in a random song, and go down and ramp.

So whenever you find your song, go ahead, come down to share, copy the link, and then go back to stream less.

Go to import video and song copy and paste, or you can either do control V and then click add Cheer to be added; it should be maybe at the bottom of the list.

If you have more than one song yet, right there and then, hurry on the back, and it should be ready to go.


Removing Music from VOD (Stream Labs)

You make sure you have a soundtrack by twitch; you can use any music.

Any program you have on your computer if you’re using a banana voice meter, but you want to make sure we have first have your soundtrack by a cramp in your actual streamlabs that works on streamline.

Many people use the audio input capture that they already have.

Then the music is connected directly to the voice to output. So the only thing that goes into that one is Spotify.

So we have everything we need.

We have music on a soundtrack source. More almost did want to open up your advanced audio settings.

So music is one soundtrack source, one you must be Mike is one, so they’re all going to come true everything is going to sound good.


The Six Track

Essentially, six is what is saved to your video on demand. So if you don’t want to include anything into your video on demand, don’t include it in your six-track everything else will work fine, and play around before trying to choose the other tracks because they didn’t go through either.


How to Play Music on Twitch without Saving it on VOD?

You need your Spotify track to be in a separate source via go XLR or free voice meter.

OBS Studio and a few fellow Streamers that are using streamlabs OBS. Unfortunately, this won’t work because slabs don’t support scripts and plugins.

It’s super user-friendly, but you should consider switching over because OBS Studio gives you so much freedom to do things.

Once you have all that situated, we can get started.


Getting OBS multi-track streams

The first thing you want to do is go ahead and click the GitHub link o get the OBS multi-track streams grip by an at with the compiler scrolling down, and here you can read some notes and details about what the script does; go ahead and read it if you like going down further.

You’ll see instructions on setting this up, downloading a script by right-clicking a, and saving the, e.g., link.

You can go ahead and rename the file but keep the script in a safe place where it won’t be moved or deleted by accident.

Go to files to find an OBS Studios folder and move it there. 

Now open the studio and apply the script by going into tools and scripts, getting the plus sign, and finding the files we just saved into our OBS studios folder.

It opened, and now it should appear in the loaded scripts; sure, it’s enabled; the audio track is on two, and the audio bitrate is on 160 as this is a default battery for OBS.

We will now change the routing and go XLR by unchecking the broadcast stream mix for music and then saving the app profile.

And again, if you don’t have the GO XLR, it’s still achievable with a voice meter by giving Spotify its audio source.

After you have all that set up:

  • Go back to the apparent studio.
  • Hit file.
  • Open up settings and move down to audio change desktop audio to music TC helicon Go XLR.


Mixing the Audios

For those using voice meter to whichever source you rooted your Spotify into, It applies, and Your new audio source will now appear in your OBS audio mixer under the name desktop audio.

You can rename it by right-clicking and rename to change it to whatever you like.

The last step is to go to Advanced Audio Properties, find your music source, and check to track. Check to as well will be saved on the vod.

So if it’s unchecked, it won’t save this window, and you are all set to stream; you can now flow without your music saved to your vod; this doesn’t give you a full-on DMCA community because of a lot of video games have copyrighted music so be aware of that.

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