How To Add Command on Twitch?

How To Add Command on Twitch

Twitch commands allow the channel owner and all assigned moderators to break from answering loads of questions throughout a broadcast. Commands also can be very beneficial for appearing specific tasks, starting up raids, and lots more excellent. If you are beginning out on Twitch, you will not be very familiar with the usage of instructions or a way to set them up in the first place. Fortunately, this guide includes the entirety you want to realize to make the best use of Twitch commands while streaming.


What Are Twitch Commands?

Twitch commands carry more life to talk rooms and may make pronounces more incredible enjoyable for each channel owner and its viewers. If you are a streamer who repeatedly receives requested identical questions. However, it is much easier to create command on the way to come out with the answer in chat instead of answering every viewer individually.

Once you get used to all of the benefits, it will not be possible to imagine streaming without chat commands, specifically if you already have a vast audience and a cheerful chat. Moreover, there are also preset chat instructions delivered by Twitch that you may use properly. These do not require the streamer to add them to their channels with bots personally.

Also, a few examples are:

/clear – wipes the chat history.

/subscribers – prevents non-subscribed users from talking to your chat room.

/slow – contains fast messaging to your chat room.

/ban – helps you to ban a person out of your channel.

However, there are much more excellent preset chat commands you may use on Twitch. What about precise channels that require a piece more customization? Moreover, that is where custom instructions come into play.


Adding Custom Twitch Commands

Letting viewers know how long you have been streaming, showing your age, boasting approximately healthy personal records, selling social media accounts, and lots more excellent is feasible with custom Twitch commands. However, you may want a Twitch bot to use custom Twitch instructions. There are many bots obtainable, but we will use Moobot, one of the most popular options available for this example. Another famous alternative is Nightbot, and it is worth mentioning as thousands of streamers use it throughout diverse platforms.

Here is the way to start:

  1. Open the Commands menu from the main Moobot menu. Moreover, click on Custom Commands in the listing of options.
  2. In the sector wherein it says “command name,” type a name for the command. This is what users will want to order withinside the chat to set off the command. Then, click on Create.
  3. In the sector wherein it says “response,” type withinside the command’s response. Don’t forget to click on Save while done.
  4. For example, if the command name is “age,” and the answer is “27”, while a viewer types “!age” for your chat, Moobot will let them realize you are 27 years old.
  5. Repeat this procedure for each different command you need to create.


Ideas For Twitch Commands And Usage

Depending on your channel’s theme, you may use many helpful chat instructions to enhance each of your and your viewers’ experiences. Based on our observations, right here are the instructions streamers use to lessen the workload of each themselves and their moderators.

Note: These are all thoughts for custom commands that you should create on your own using the previously described method.


For Just Chatting Channels:

!Instagram – Displays the streamer’s Instagram so viewers can follow them.

!socials – Displays all socials right away so viewers can follow them. This is frequently set as an automated command that posts itself.

!age – Shows the streamer’s period.

!location – Shows the streamer’s current location. Useful for when your move makes a specialty of traveling and vlogging.

!schedule – Displays the streamer’s broadcasting schedule so viewers can play the song into upcoming streams.

!pets – Displays information about the streamer’s pets.


For Channels Focusing On Competitive Games:

!current rating – Displays the streamer’s in-game rating, division, rank, or MMR.

!sens – Displays the streamer’s in-game mouse sensitivity, which could be vital in first-individual shooter games.

!settings – Displays the streamer’s in-game settings, including the resolution, video results quality, and more.

!challenge – Displays a currently active challenge, if there are any.


General Useful Commands For All Twitch Channels

! giveaway – Displays information about an upcoming giveaway.

!music – Information about modern music, including the music name and artist.

!uptime – This shows how long the streamer has been broadcasting this session.

!subscribers – Shows the current subscriber depend or current subscriber streak.

!followers – Displays the current number of channel followers.

These are only a few ideas. If you want something extra specific in your channel, you may continually create a unique command in Moobot or Nightbot.



Now you recognize a way to create your personal custom Twitch chat commands that are very beneficial and may often update moderators. If you are presently a much less well-known streamer, bots can slight your channel on their personal. However, to assist you in answering any repetitive questions from viewers. Moreover, use this information to reduce distractions while focusing on what topics are the most: developing quality content and entertaining your audience.

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