How To Save Streams On Twitch?

How To Save Streams On Twitch

Twitch is a major streaming platform thematized by millions of people worldwide. With the amount of attention, Twitch broadcasters are receiving these days; it’s no surprise that new streamers are joining daily and considering it a viable career option.

It might be challenging for new Twitch streamers,s to understand the distinctions between Twitch and other streaming sites such as YouTube. After a stream goes offline on Twitch, it is not immediately saved for spectators to see.

Many new Twitch streamers have asked us, “How Do I Save Streams On Twitch?” As a result, we’ll go over how to save Twitch streams locally in this blog.


Save Streams as a Streamer

Imagine you’re a streamer who enjoyed your most recent stream so much that you want to save it and keep it forever. The same can be stated for the audience. If you enjoyed the broadcast as a viewer, you might want to save it to watch later. So, how do you save Twitch streams? Both streamers and watchers can do so.

On the other hand, streamers will find it much easier to do because it is already their stream. So, let’s look at how streamers and spectators can achieve it. You can save your streams in one of two ways. First and foremost, you have the option of using VOD.

VOD is an acronym for Video on Demand. Inside Twitch, you can archive your introductory videos to re-stream or watch them later.


Method #1: Enabling Video 

VODs must be enabled by modifying them in the Settings menu. The steps are as follows: Go to the Dashboard page.

  1. To get started, go to your Creator Dashboard. 
  2. Choose your channel settings Select Channel Settings from the three-lined button. 
  3. Select Preferences from the menu bar. Choose Preferences, then Channel from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Go to the Settings menu. From the main page, go to the top right corner of the page and click on your profile symbol. 
  5. Add a Channel and Videos After you’ve arrived at your selected location, select ‘Channel & Videos.’
  6. Enable video archiving The archiving video slider is located below the ‘Stream Key & Preferences’ section.

You should now be able to complete your Twitch streams. Keep in mind that this feature isn’t available indefinitely. If you are a regular Twitch user, you can save your broadcasts for 14 days. You can save your streams for up to 60 days if you’re a Partner or Affiliate.


Method #2: Highlighting your Streams 

Another option is to highlight your videos and save them that way. You must enable Twitch to save your previous streams, just like before. The difference between underlining and VODs is that highlighting is preserved on your Stream account indefinitely. Let’s look at how to highlight your streams now:

  • In the top right corner of the page, click on your profile symbol. 
  • Then, to get to your channel, click on ‘Channel.’ 
  • Above the main panel, select the ‘Videos’ and ‘Clips and Events’ tabs. 
  • A drop-down menu will display when selecting the ‘All Videos’ option. 
  • Select ‘Previous Broadcasts.’ Click on a video to make it stand out. 
  • Then select the ‘Highlight’ option from the three-lined button below the video. 
  • Drag and drop the yellow bar and then click ‘Create Highlight’ once you’ve chosen the Highlight option. 
  • You can choose to highlight a complete video that you enjoy. 
  • Finally, click ‘Save Changes to complete the procedure.


Save Streams as a Viewer

Unfortunately, viewers do not have the option of saving videos as a streamer. As a viewer, there is no method to store videos on Twitch. Only Twitch streams can be downloaded if you want to keep videos. This, however, is not possible on Twitch. To download Twitch videos, you’ll need to use third-party programs.

Twitch Leecher from Github is one of the well-known third-party programs. Remember that you don’t own the copyrights to the videos you download from Twitch, so uploading them to YouTube or other video streaming services could land you with legal problems. However, if you get permission from the video’s owner, there will be no issues.

Let’s look at how to use the Twitch Leecher to download Twitch streams. The steps are as follows: 

  • Copy the URL of the Twitch video you wish to download. 
  • By right-clicking on the video and selecting ‘Copy Link,’ you can do so. 
  • Click on ‘Search’ in Twitch Leecher. 
  • Then go to the URLs tab and paste the video link into the appropriate field. 
  • When you click ‘Search,’ the video will appear as a search result. 
  • Finally, click ‘Download’ to complete the procedure. You can alter the default downloading choices, including quality, location, filename, and video start and end times.


Delete VODs and Highlights 

You may be wondering how to remove VODs now that you know how to preserve them and generate highlights. Follow the instructions below to delete both the archival videos on Twitch (VOD) and the highlights:

  1. In the Creator Dashboard, click the menu button.
  2. Restart the Video Producer.
  3. On the VOD, click the three-dot expansion symbol or highlight the item you wish to erase, then select the Delete option.


Wrapping Up

So, we’ve reached the end of this post, and you now know how to preserve Twitch feeds. Remember that the VODs will only be available for a short period, but the highlights will be available eternally. So, if you want to grow your Twitch following, make good use of the highlights. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this post.

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