If you’re a gamer or just a fanatic, you might have heard about Twitch or used it. It is one of the most recent websites to hit the market and favors gaming and has taken the sector to a whole new level. A couple of years ago, gamers didn’t have the chance to showcase their gaming prowess or interact with other gamers on collaborative game modes in real-time.

However, with Twitch, all that is possible, and you can broadcast games or stream them from your favorite gamers.

Nonetheless, since everyone discovered the perk, multiple gamers have set up accounts to help them gain streams and plays, which goes a long way towards earning them some income. Those with vast experience in using the platform have gone a step higher to make it a full-time job.

Let’s address how you can make your Twitch account your primary source of income as a gamer – one of the most popular ways is through buying Twitch followers, viewers, or streams. Here you need to know about buying Twitch viewers, so stick around.


How Do I Buy Active Twitch Viewers?

You can use twitchviral.com for reliable Twitch viewers – that’s the only way to make sure you’re starting on the right foot. With viewers from this website, you’re sure that you have a reliable tool to connect you with the community with ease.

Once you’re on Twitch Viral, select the package that best suits you best since there are different of them for you to choose from. Once you’ve selected the plan tailored for you, reach out to them to discuss any changes you need on the plan, and they’ll customize it for you.

Later on, enter your details, and make sure you’ve filled everything they ask for on the payment screen. After making the purchase, sit back and watch your Twitch account grow. When you buy viewers, many people will be impressed right off the bat and want to view your videos and be there for the live streams.

Moreover, Twitch Viral customer care is always there for you anytime you need support.

The disadvantage of the approach is that the viewers are delivered to your account fast and will make your account look awesome in just a moment. However, if you’re not putting work into your account, you’ll have a lousy retention rate, and they’ll stop viewing your content. That will make other viewers think you spammed your account, and they might stay away from it.


Why Should I Buy Active Twitch Viewers?

If you need to leave an impression on your viewers, you’ll need the help of Twitch Viewers. If you buy Twitch Viewers, your account automatically gets the social proof that it deserves.

If you buy more viewers, you get a higher view rate and a high number of total streams as well – and one of the most significant advantages of having a high number of streams is that your account will go viral in no time. That will make your account visible to a broader audience, earning you more followers.

Buy Active Twitch Viewers

Buy Twitch Viewers Active

How do I make money on Twitch?

Twitch offers you an incredible money-making opportunity via its platform if you’re a gamer. You’ve probably seen other gamers put up their videos on social media platforms or go live while gaming. This is your time to do so and probably earn something from it.

One of the two methods of making money on Twitch is generating revenue through the streams you post. The fans watching your streams will also make donations if they’re kind enough, and that’s some money right there.

The other way you can earn revenue through Twitch is through a Twitch subscription plan. If you set up a subscription plan, you’ll be earning off it, especially if your content drives more traffic to your channel. You need to know that you’ll split up the spoils with Twitch, and you’ll keep half of the revenue from the subscription.


What are the Twitch Viewers Packages Available?

There are numerous Twitch viewers packages available for you. They range from Twitch Views, Channel Views, Clip Views, and Live Views.

Here are the Twitch Views rates

Twitch Views Charge
1,000 views $3.00
2,000 views $6.00
5,000 views $13.00
10,000 views $25.00
15,000 views $35.00
25,000 views $55.00
50,000 views $95.00
1 lakh views $180.00


Here are the Twitch Channel Views rates

Twitch Channel Views Charge
5,000 Channel Views $25.00
10,000 Channel Views $45.00
15,000 Channel Views $65.00
25,000 Channel Views $95.00
50,000 Channel Views $175.00
100,000 Channel Views $250.00


Here are the Twitch Clip Views’ rates

Twitch Clip Views Charge
1,000 Clip Views $3.00
2,000 Clip Views $6.00
5,000 Clip Views $12.00
10,000 Clip Views $24.00
15,000 Clip Views $32.00
25,000 Clip Views $55.00
50,000 Clip Views $100.00
100,000 Clip Views $185.00


Here are the Twitch Live Views rates

Twitch Live Views Charge
100 Live Views $2.00
200 Live Views $4.00
500 Live Views $9.00
1,000 Live Views $17.00
2,000 Live Views $30.00
2,500 Live Views $38.00
3,000 Live Views $42.00


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