Why Does Twitch Keep Buffering On My Phone?

The bane of the web is buffering. It disrupts the viewing pleasure and may cause you to miss certain information or fall behind the stream or movie. This brief explanation explains why Twitch occasionally buffers on mobile devices and offers solutions.


What exactly is Twitch buffering?

Despite appearing to degrade the experience, buffering is a feature that has been added to video streaming to improve it. Your device, whether an Android or an iPhone, will preload the video data when you watch a stream or a VOD on Twitch to provide you with a smooth experience and minimize the times it needs to stop downloading.

Up to 100% of the video may buffer, but typically only about 15% of it does. This is relatively easy for VODs because the whole video file is readily available for the device to download into the buffer quickly. Due to the live nature of the video file and the short buffer time for live feeds, this is significantly more difficult.

The broadcast and the moment the viewer sees the content are separated by a brief interval. The lag between your chat interactions and the instant it appears on stream serves as an example of this. Twitch can only buffer a maximum of this amount of time. Buffering may occur if your downloading speed is higher than the size of the content you are viewing.

Fix For Twitch Buffering On Phone

Twitch Buffering On Phone

Why does Twitch keep buffering on my phone?

The preferred platform for watching gaming streaming is Twitch. But many people find it annoying when Twitch on their phone keeps buffering, and they can’t watch their favorite streams. Twitch frequently experiences issues with buffering, stuttering, and lagging. Users occasionally report ongoing buffering, which renders Twitch unplayable.

Internet browser difficulties, Twitch connection problems, and connectivity problems are the leading causes of Twitch buffering issues. Each of these issues significantly impacts the user experience. If your Internet connection is too slow, Twitch will keep buffering. However, even if your Internet connection is steady and quick, you could still encounter buffering problems. Your Internet bandwidth may be limited by malicious malware. You should, thus, run a virus scan on your phone. It’s well acknowledged that while some games are being updated on Steam, Twitch may start experiencing buffering issues. Therefore, make sure that Steam is downloading nothing. Like any broadcasting service, Twitch may encounter server problems that prevent it from operating correctly, leading to lag, stuttering, and buffering problems. To address these problems, we have created a number of user-tested alternatives.


How to stop Twitch from buffering on my phone?

You can do a number of things to resolve buffering problems on Twitch, such as:

  • Get Rid of Your Cache

Another fast fix is to empty your cache, which will assist you in getting rid of a few items that may be slowing down how quickly you can view streams on Twitch. At the same time, the method for doing so will differ depending on your browser.

  • Turn off your VPN

Your Twitch broadcast can be hindered if you are using a VPN or proxy. Try reactivating it or switching it off while you watch the broadcast. Additionally, you might be capable of upgrading to a VPN that won’t obstruct the use of sites that consume a lot of bandwidth.

  • Stop background activities

Look for any superfluous background programmes and close them, paying particular attention to any that might be consuming some of your bandwidth. Programs that often download fixes from the web or perform updates may fall under this category. Because Steam routinely updates games utilising background processes, which is one of the most prevalent reasons for Twitch buffering. You might have no problems using Twitch if you disable Steam entirely.

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