How To Stream Xbox One On Twitch Through PC?

How To Stream Xbox One On Twitch Through PC

What Basically Xbox One is And What are it’s Requirements?

Xbox One is Microsoft’s 8th generation video game console. By connecting your system to Xbox network you are accessible to download and stream various gameplay videos engaging with viewers. It is one entertainment system provided by Microsoft.

You can play any game by using Xbox One with Windows 10 gamers and can also share screenshots on various social media platforms. Users of Xbox one are also able to create their own club and enjoy Windows store apps directly through their PC.

Getting Twitch on Xbox One

  • From the Xbox One’s home screen go to the store and from the upper right part of your screen with the help of the search panel Press ‘A Button on your controller.
  • Type Twitch  and the application will appear on your screen and you have to once again Press ‘To get the app.


Streaming on Xbox One with Twitch 

  1. You have to select any game you want to stream and then have to press the ‘A’ button from your controller in order to launch that particular game.
  2. Select each app strong Xbox controller from the guide and then again press’ A ‘for launching.
  3. It will never get you to the broadcast tab and you have to provide a suitable title for your broadcast.
  4. Once you are ready with all the things you can click on the start streaming button and then have to again press ‘A’ On your controller and then have to reopen the game.
  5. Now the game you are playing will be shared on the live stream. You can also live chat with your audience and are all accessible to their messages and stickers within the stream itself.

It is one of the most basic and easily understandable ways to stream on Xbox One by using the Twitch application.


How to Stream Xbox One on Twitch Through Mac?

  • Visit the profile menu and then select the appearance icon under which you have to choose an online option.
  • From the settings on the Twitch app you have to visit ‘privacy and online safety ‘and then have to select custom and from there you have to select the option mentioning ‘see if you are online and then have to select everybody in order to broadcast the gameplay by selecting ‘Allow’.
  • Now you have to turn back to settings from the menu and have visit preferences and check that you have allowed broadcast and game DVR uploads in case it is not, then select the enable icon.
  • By granting permission for sharing content made using Kinetic you can now very easily get the twitch app for your Xbox One.
  • By just simply configuring your Twitch broadcast settings you can very easily access stream any gameplay.


How to Stream Xbox One on Twitch through PC?

  • Visit the official to Twitch website from your web browser on your PC and then log in with your credentials.
  • Video from your Xbox one you have to launch the two each application and then the app will provide you with the 6 digit code and then you have to visit to reach the activation web page from your PC in the same browser from where you have logged in into your to each account and then have to enter the code.
  • Now you have to open any game which you want to stream.
  • Return back to your ex vs Xbox One dashboard and from there you have to open the twitch App and have to click on the broadcast icon from the lower left side of the screen and then have to again open Xbox One game and then your to each app will be shrunk in a smaller bar in the right side of the screen.
  • Now you can give titles to your broadcast.
  • Make all the necessary settings like setting up Mike and adjusting of audio effects.
  • Now you can finally start your streaming from the twitch broadcast menu.


How to Stream Xbox One on Twitch Through PC Without Capture Card?

  • Go to console settings and navigate to Xbox app for ensuring connectivity.
  • Must ensure that you have signed in and enabled streaming options for Xbox.
  • Download the Xbox console companion app and login with the same account.
  • By clicking on the stream button provided on the top of your screen your console screen will be visible.
  • Make sure that both of the devices are connected to the same network with Ethernet cables.


How to Stream Xbox One on Twitch through a PC with a Capture Card?

For streaming Xbox one on twitch through PC with a capture card, you have to connect the HDMI output from the Xbox to the HDMI input on the capture card.

Afterwards, you have to connect the HDMI output on the capture card which will display an entire list of the games you wanted to stream or play.

In case you are using an external capture card make sure that you have connected the USB cable Did the capture card and your PC as well Yeah and then have to finally switch on the Xbox.


How to Stream Xbox One on Twitch through PC with Elgato?

Make sure that you have successfully installed Elgato game capture HD software with a minimum 2.0 version or more than that.

  • Firstly you have to connect your Xbox One with HDMI of Elgato game capture HD with HDMI cable.
  • And then have to connect HDMI out of Elgato game capture HD to your display with the help of an HDMI cable.
  • Through the HDMI audio options in your Xbox One set up stereo uncompressed audio.
  • By connecting the Elgato game capture HD to your computer with the help of a USB cable you are accessible to stream with the Twitch app.
  • You are also provided with an additional feature of multi-app support by which you can use multiple separate applications at the same time by using Elgato capture devices.
  • Also, the Xbox One requires HDCP production protection while streaming, Therefore Elgato game capture HD won’t be able to capture such kind of content.

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