How To View The Chat On Twitch While Streaming?

Twitch chat is one of the most prominent features as it provides communication between the creator and the viewers, or having an external monitor is the best way to watch Twitch chat while streaming.

 But how to see twitch chat with only one monitor?

If it is impossible to get the second monitor, an individual can use programs that will overlay the chat over the streaming game. Twitch chat overlay in-game lets the person place the data on the stream. An overlay gives viewers more information by grabbing hold of them, so they don’t get bored and leave the game if the stream gets boring. The person can theoretically do anything, but specific overlays are more advantageous. Think of them as similar to how news tickers or sports statistics keep the mind active as a viewer.

A Chat Box is a great way to show users the interaction they miss and encourage them to watch them the next time in their lives. Build a connection with the audience, even if they can’t tune in live. The Chat Box is a valuable overlay for streamers to show the community they’ve established.


Are you a gamer who likes to read and chat while playing? 

That’s good because reading and replying to the viewers’ comments are essential to creating a fantastic streaming experience for the audience.

  • Smartphone/tablet

A more straightforward but not very feasible idea to use your phone! The chat may become visible on the phone while they use their monitor for streaming.

  • Setting up notifications

Switch on notifications so that you know when a new chat begins. See the reports and respond if you require to without having to pause.

You can theoretically do anything, but specific overlays are more advantageous. Think about them similar to how news tickers or sports statistics keep your mind active as a viewer.

Restream Chat allows the person to manage all the communication in a single screen by providing the following options:

1)Read messages from all channels without tab switching.

2)Easily select which channels to reply to.

3)Allow your audience to communicate across platforms by message mirroring.

4)Easily create and insert the Chat widget into your stream.

5)Analyze how many people interact with your chat.

Discover the most used words and emojis

6)How to Setup Restream?

7)Go to The person will need to sign up on the website.

8)Now, link this account to your Twitch account.

9)Find the chat option in the header and download it.

10)Open the settings, connect it to your Twitch account, and customise the look and feel.

Some options are helpful such as enabling transparency and clicking through the window. Try them and choose the most favourable options.

Read Twitch Chat While Streaming

See Chats While Streaming On Twitch

How do you set up Chat Box?

1)Download Streamlabs OBS to use all of the widgets and features Streamlabs offers.

2)Open Streamlabs OBS and find ‘Chat Box’ from your dashboard under ‘Widgets.’ Customise your settings and then click save.

3)Click on the sources tab in Streamlabs OBS editor, click on ‘Chat Box’ and add the source.

4)Custom Windows App

It is an application for Windows that will display Twitch chat on top of a windowed or borderless windowed game.

5)Typically, it would be used by single-monitor streamers who need to see chat while playing. This application will attempt to always stay on top and fully transparent. The person can move and resize the app as he requires, and he can also control the app through a system tray icon.


How do I read chat while streaming on my phone?

To view the Twitch chat of a person while streaming on his mobile device, open up the Twitch app, and once he starts broadcasting his stream, the discussion will be placed on the bottom right of the screen. There aren’t options to move, and I can’t place it anywhere other than closing it completely.


How does the preshow chat on stream?

1)Open Twitch and head over to the account’s profile page.

2)Go to the Chat section and then to Chat Settings.

3)Select Popout Chat from the list of selections. …

4)Right-click on the URL from the popup window and copy it.

5)Launch OBS and click on View in the upper-left corner of your screen

Custom Windows App for Twitch

It is a free app that the person can download from GitHub.


How to setup a custom windows app?

1)Extract the file and open the folder and look for TransparentTwitchChatWPF.exe

2)“Windows protected your PC” message may appear, which is the Windows Defender SmartScreen.

3)You’ll need to click “More info” and then “Run anyway.” You’ll only have to do this the first time you launch it.

4)After launching the program for the first time, you’ll need to set your channel in the settings. You can click the button at the top-left to open settings, right-click the black border at the top, or right-click the icon in the taskbar

5)You can move the application by clicking and dragging the thin black border at the top, and the person can resize it by clicking and dragging the grip at the bottom-right

6)To hide the borders, click the [o] button in the top-right, or right-click the icon in your taskbar. Some Twitch Chat Commands Activate Special Features

7)There’s a lot of hidden extra functionality in Twitch chats that can be activated by typing in a specific word or string of characters. Here are some of the more helpful chat commands worth experimenting with.

/host: To begin hosting a channel, visit the channel you wish to host and type this command into its Twitch chat.

/mode: Type this command into the chat to display all of that channel’s moderators. It may be helpful if you need to report someone.

/ignore: This command will let an individual mute another user in the chat. Simply type /ignore followed by their username. For example, /ignore Mario might mute a Twitch user with the username Mar, io.

/unignore: If an individual wants to unmute a muted user, use this command followed by their username.


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