How To Use The Timeout Command On Twitch?

Every company is rolling out new features in order to improve their services and make them more popular and easier to use. This also includes social media platforms. New versions require more knowledge in order to use them. In this article, we are going to see how to use the most recent and updated feature on Twitch—the Timeout command. We’ve got your back if you are also facing issues with using it or are having difficulties understanding it.

A division of Amazon runs the live-streaming website Twitch. In addition to playing and streaming video games, which is what Twitch is best known for, users can also stream music, artistic creations, and “in real life” streams. It is trendy, with 15 million daily users and growing every day, even though non-gamers might not understand the appeal of watching others play video games. Users can watch others play games, chat with other viewers, or live-stream their own gameplay to a global audience. There are many different games that are streamed, but Fortnite, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends, and Grand Theft Auto V get the most attention. They can also raise money through the streaming of their content, which they can put toward charitable causes or themselves.


What is the timeout command?

If your community is small, using Twitch might appear simple. However, managing your audience might be a little challenging if you are a well-known streamer with more than a thousand subscribers. Many individuals may find it challenging to moderate chats from viewers while streaming the content.

There are a lot of people who use offensive language or write things that are against community guidelines. These individuals ought to be kicked out of the chat. If you are the owner of the stream or moderator, you can do so by using the Timeout Command. Ban is another word for “timeout.” You can instruct your chat box mod to exclude specific viewers by issuing the appropriate command.

When chat participants use foul language, it can negatively impact their status. You can use this command if you’re one of the streamers who encounter abusive issues in the chat box while streaming. The streamers on Twitch now have the ability to quickly “timeout” users with the help of their mod.

Timeout Command On Twitch

Twitch TimeOut Command

How to use the Twitch timeout command?

The simplest way to time someone out is to adhere to the guidelines provided –

  • On your Twitch account, navigate to the desired stream and select “chatbox.”
  • Simply enter “/timeout (username)” in your chat box.
  • The viewers will be immediately banned if you wait a short while.
  • Additionally, you can specify how long you want to restrict that person.

For example – “/timeout this person 30”. This will timeout the “this person” user for 30 seconds. You can accomplish the same thing by selecting the timeout button while selecting someone’s name in chat.


Untimeout Command

Each command is accompanied by a corresponding reverse command. The timeout command is the same, too – the untimeout command. If you previously banned someone by using a timeout, you can use this command to unban them. Simply adhere to the provided instructions to use it.

  • On your Twitch account, navigate to the desired stream and select “chatbox.”
  • Type “/Untimeout (username)” into your chat box.
  • The viewers will automatically be unbanned after a brief delay.



It would be best if you took appropriate precautions for your own mental health, sometimes even those that may seem harsh. Twitch also ensures that you are shielded from the negative comments of others. Therefore, the next time you encounter a similar situation, do not hesitate to time out the users of foul language!

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