How To Get More Viewers On Twitch?

How to Get More Viewers on Twitch

Stream Targeted Games

So one saturated downstream games, two streams of a game you’re going to like because if you’re streaming something you are not as a player comfortable playing evident to the audience and you guys need to target it, Towards you know something that you’re going to like with that being said.

How do you find out what would be a good game for you to stream? While it is always interesting for you to stream something you’ve never played before if you’re very picky and maybe there is not any new game that you haven’t tried that you want to try to find a game that you like and then play with the rule of thumb of trying to find one. 

So you’re going to want to play something, maybe even a newer game, a game that you’re comfortable with and something that falls within not the overly saturated part. But something that’s also not, you know, way down here and you know 20 viewers watching.


The Thumb Rule

So a good rule of thumb is finding a game that you’re comfortable playing that thought viewers are going to notice that you’re comfortable playing and try to go maybe seven, you know, at least seven.

If not, 14 games down on the list because then you’re going to start getting into more miniature saturated games and find something you’re comfortable with and that you own and file means. 

If you need to purchase a game or something, there are free options as well. So just path the backfile something; for example, you recently started playing Apex Legends that’s kind of in there on the cost of making it bright under 14. 

But stuff like this could be very saturated because it’s a great play game, but that’s a rule of thumb for, you know, just stream targeted game numbers.


Put time into your titles. 

Get creative, and this is something that you will see all the time. We might see if we can find some examples, but there are just some people that title these things like. 

For instance, if you are not a famous streamer, this right here will not be something that brings in viewers. 

So let’s scroll down the list and look for an example of a wrong title, so POE is excellent. 

We get it like, well, we get it like you’re trying to be creative with your title in a way, but there’s not enough descriptive stuff. 

They’re friendly, like happy Canada Day; that might be something that draws somebody in. 

If it’s Canada Day, you know, and like, hey, I’m from Canada too, Cool. But it would help if you were so strategic with these titles.

So, for example, if you did start playing a game that you’ve never played before, putting that you’re a new bit there put that this is your first or second time playing or that you’re new to the game, people are going to flock to your video or your stream that is. They’re going to jump in there, and they’re going to try to explain to you how the game works or see how bad you’re failing and struggling. 

And it might be an overall attractive stream for you because it’s new grounds for you, and you might bring in some new viewers that would never have watched you play another game. 

So there’s creativeness in that.


Try getting engaged with the audience as much as possible 

The third point has some creative aspects to it as well, and it’s just more to be engaging. 

What you need to do is try to be descriptive and put some time into your titles. 

Don’t just be playing the path of exile like you need to be someone descriptive, somewhat intriguing, and exciting and bring somebody in, and with that, all being said, do not do giveaways or do not post giveaway titles in your stream. 

They are not going to help you grow. You may get a few followers that hope that they win, but most people aren’t going to stay to win. You know they’re not going to keep four-year content just because you’re giving it away.


Be creative

so you need to kind of balance the expectations. So be creative. Don’t just think throwing money as far as a gift card at the title will bring you ewers, and yeah, be creative with it and find something that looks interesting. 

Go through twitch, look at stream titles that you would click on, and ask yourself why I would be interested in clicking on this, not just because this person has six hundred viewers right now but because the title was appealing, attractive, or just caught my attention number three. 

Is it something anybody can do on twitch is does help with growth, and that is to follow our goals in the titles of your stream.


Help grow your community

you would be surprised how many times streaming and cannot get anybody in and then put something like a follower.

Go on there, and it’s something people can contribute to without spending money. They’ll come into the stream, and they will follow to help you towards your goal; they might not be interested in your content. 

They might not have watched you before, but it’s an opportunity for somebody to come back and watch your stream in the future.

It’s easy to put how many followers you want to get to. So you haven’t even reached 25 yet, and you’re at 10 out of 25; it’s super simple, and it’s something. 

It’s all-inclusive, and you don’t have to spend money to get there. It’s just to have a Twitch account most people have assigned to Twitch or most people. 

Those on Twitter are signed into an account already, and they can already participate in this without having to have a credit or debit card or anything like that. 

So people without money or any monetary value on twitch invested in it. They can still help grow your community, and it’s a super awesome thing to do so.



Things you’re going to do is stream targeted games. 

Put time into your titles, be creative with them, follow our goals, and be interactive. 

Give people a goal to shoot for that doesn’t involve monetary value, and it’s just an all-encompassing thing to build a community because that’s really what you’re looking for. 

Twitch, and to consistently bring in viewers, you need to build a community, and these are things that bring people in, and hopefully, by getting them to follow, we’ll also engage them in the community you’re creating.

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