How To Download Twitch Clips?

How To Download Twitch Clips

Downloading Twitch Clips onto your Mobile devices

  • To download Twitch clips on your mobile, you need apps, Twitch, and documents.
  • Start by opening the Twitch app, then locate and open the clip you want to download, click the share button at the top of the video, choose share to select copy, and then close the app.
  • Open the documents app and choose the browser icon from the bottom right, select the search bar and type in clip dot x y z, then press enter, click the box and paste in your URL.
  • Press get the download link to choose to download, and you should be given file saving options.
  • If the menu doesn’t open automatically, it should be in the bottom right; give your video a name, ensuring you keep the dot mp4 on the right, then press done.
  • Once the download finishes, click the download button in the bottom right, click the magnifying glass next to the video, press the three dots under your clip choose select move photos.
  • If asked to allow access to photos, choose to enable press move in the top right; your video should now be in your phone’s picture and video folder.


Downloading Twitch Clips from your iPhone

On your support browser, go to obviously, once you’re there and the top left-hand corner. Click on the little A’s, then once there, click request desktop site; this will put us in the desktop mode and then.

You’re going to sign into your account up in the top right; there usually is, and you’ll see your little channel icon go to your channel.

So this is where I got a little bit different. Once you’re here, go ahead and click on videos, and once you’re in videos where it says featured, click on clips; once you’re in clips, you can kind of sort it out however you want to, and this is where it’s pretty much the same.

Go ahead and go into your last 30 days’ streams, and this one’s from your self you’re going to go ahead and click on this one same.

To see the little share icon underneath the video where zoomed. Click share and then the little purple download icon.

You’re going to press and hold on that to the submit you pop up; you’re going to go ahead and click on the download link to file once you’ve done the download link file in the top right-hand corner.

You’re going to see your downloader in your safari browser. So go ahead and click that there’s your video; once you’re inside the video, you’ll know that it’s playing and everything’s working that you’re going to go ahead and click on this once you’re inside.

You’ll see another little share icon at the bottom left-hand corner, and then you click save video, and that’ll be all.


Downloading Twitch using Computers

So just like last time, you’re going to go ahead and go to your channel; as usual, you’re going to go over down to the videos filter by clicking clips.

Again we’ll go into our 30-day one or whatever you want to use, and then here we are with this. It’s going to be the same principle that you’re going to do.

You’re just going to go into share, and then you’re going to hit download, and it’s going to pull up and go wherever you would like it to go.

So once you have the video saved, you’re just going to go ahead and realistically email it to yourself.

So whatever email address you have. It is recommended probably to two.

So then send it from email A to email B that you have access to on your phone, and then you download it as usual.


Storing your Broadcast

We can go over to the videos page right here, and it’s going to show all of your recent broadcasts.

So first, for this, you do have to have that set in your twitch to store your broadcast.

If you have done a previous broadcast and did not have it enabled, you are a little bit slow.

Now click on your name up there at the top right and go over to settings, and then you’re going to want to go over to channel and videos, and you’re just going to want to make sure that store pass broadcasts are checked.

So this is up to 14 days for affiliates, 60 days for partners, and turbo and prime users. So anyway, once you’ve gotten that turned on, you’ve got ahead and done a new live stream.

You want to go ahead and download it, so there are a couple of reasons you may want to do this; you may want to share a clip from that stream on Twitter or Instagram.


The Archives

You may want to upload the entire video straight to YouTube on a video channel as many do since you know, as we said, it does have a limited amount of time to store these broadcasts, so sometimes people want to have an archive for them. 

Streaming programs such as streamlabs do have the functionality to record your stream. While you’re streaming it, there are a couple of reasons if you’re anything like it.

Now for one, my PC is not incredibly powerful. It does not necessarily have a great time when you are trying to stream a game on a PC game and record it all in 1080 at the same time.


Stream in Higher Quality

So instead, what you do is a stream of a higher quality. So that way, you could stream it and report it and play it at the same time.

Maybe your PC is not a $3,000 beast. You want to be able to play the game and stream it in very high quality and then go and download the vod later.

Furthermore, you may not necessarily want to record every broadcast you ever have automatically.

Maybe there are only certain ones that you may want to do, so you don’t want to waste the hard drive space, or you may not have the hard drive space always to do that every time you stream.

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