How To Donate On Twitch Without PayPal?

Twitch is a massive online streaming platform.

A large sum of money a twitch streamer gets is from donations through PayPal.  But if you are someone who doesn’t have access to a PayPal account and wants to donate and support your favorite streamer, there are some methods by which you can contribute to your favorite streamer’s growth.


Donating without a PayPal account:

Giving twitch bites or cryptocurrency, using a third-party financial service, purchasing affiliate products, and becoming a subscriber are great and easy ways to contribute to the steamer you like. Twitch mobile can also be used to perform donations on Twitch without having a PayPal account.

Though PayPal is a popular method of donation where streamers and gamers receive monetary gifts directly through the links by connecting their account via third-party services. But many viewers are not comfortable sharing their important financial details with third-party companies. This is where these other methods kick in.

Donate On Twitch Without PayPal

Twitch Donations Without PayPal

The alternatives for PayPal donations:

Other options in place of PayPal include various apps or simple debit or credit card payments. These direct payment options can be used for donations on Twitch even if the gamer is not affiliated. It ensures direct donations’ safety as the gamer verifies the information before they accept donations. Streamers on PayPal have now started accepting cryptocurrencies, too, as donations. Streamers use various crypto brands and put a link to their digital wallet under their stream for the viewers. Getting sponsored for streams is always a primary focus of any Twitch gamer. Streamers make passive income through the purchase of affiliate products. You can support your favorite streamer by purchasing an affiliate product through the link provided by the gamer in their panels. This will not only help support your favorite streamer, but there are chances you will receive a discount on the purchase. Also, some gamers offer coupon codes as a PayPal alternative. By using a correct coupon code or clicking on the proper link that a streamer provides, you can quickly help the streamer receive their donation.

Twitch bites can be an option if a viewer is not comfortable using the methods mentioned above. There are certain fixed prices for bits, including $1 for 100 Twitch bits and so on. These bits come straight from the streaming platform. After receiving the Twitch bits, the streamer will be notified that someone has supported their stream. Also, viewers can use their bits on different channels they want to support.

Lastly, becoming a subscriber and paying a monthly or annual subscription fee to your most liked streamer is an excellent alternative to PayPal donation. Followers and subscribers are different in Twitch as the following is free of charge. The gamer receives a portion of every payment when you subscribe. Twitch allows monthly payment by any method suitable to the subscriber. The prices, however, add up for the time duration of the subscription. It is entirely a subscriber’s choice for a month or a year. The streamer and the subscriber get additional benefits like loyalty badges and custom emoticons, access to subscriber-only chat, and minimal advertisement disturbance before the stream.

So you can try these methods to donate and support your favorite streamers and keep them going.

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