Does Twitch Show Your Location?

People are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy when using the internet, particularly concerning well-known social media and streaming sites such as Twitch. In this essay, I will discuss the information other users and streamers on Twitch can view about you on the platform. On Twitch, other users cannot see your email address. On Twitch, a person’s username is the only piece of information that other users of the platform can view. While Twitch does not distribute a user’s email address in any way, some users prefer to publish it on their channel so that other people can get in touch with them. Now that we know that the only information you can see about another user on Twitch is their username, let’s discuss what other broadcasters can see about users who give to their channel, subscribe to their channel, or cheer on their channel.

Stick to contributing Twitch bits, gifting subs, and subscribing to the channel every month if you want to prevent streamers from seeing any of your personal information. If you donate to Twitch itself, the streamer will not have access to your personal information; hence, you do not need to be concerned about this. When you become a subscriber to a streamer on Twitch, the streamer will be able to view your username, your sub tier, the date you became a subscriber, your sub streak, and the sort of subscription you have (recurring or not). They cannot view your name, email address, credit card information, or other payment details.


Location On Twitch

Streamers on Twitch cannot determine your location, but they can determine the countries from which most of their viewers originate. When there are fewer viewers and the stream is smaller, it is easier for the streamer to determine the country where a viewer may reside. When there are more viewers and the stream is more significant. However, it is much more difficult. Twitch does not reveal to a streamer the nation from which a specific viewer is watching their broadcast. However, as I mentioned, they can quickly figure it out regarding smaller channels. Because of concerns about the streamer’s privacy, Twitch will not provide this information to them, even if the streamer expressly requests it. This ensures that you are protected whenever subscribing to any channel on Twitch.

Understanding your audience is essential to successful streaming, so you must know where people are watching you. Creators have access to this information through Twitch, but there is a catch. Streamers can view percentages but cannot click on a user’s name to obtain additional information about their location. Twitch can view your IP address; however, this information is only utilized if a user is IP-banned for violating site rules. This article helped demonstrate what information a Twitch streamer and user can see on Twitch and what information they cannot see on Twitch.

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